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all you need is love.

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29 January 1986
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aaron eckhart, across the universe, andy warhol, argyle, art, avenue q, batman, birds, black, blue eyes, blue kool-aid, boone’s farm, boyfriend, burt’s bees, butterflies, candy, caprice crane, cds, chai tea, chex mix, chicken fries, christmas lights, chuck taylors, clarinet, coke, coloring, crayola crayons, creativity, cuddling, cupcakes, dancing, dr. seuss, dreams, driving, facebook, family, family guy, fireworks, fish, flip flops, french vanilla swiss miss, friends, fruity pebbles, guitar, halloween, harry potter, heroes, history, holding hands, hot tea, hot topic, hugs, hummus, ice cream, icees, incense, into the wild, italian food, it’s a wonderful life, jesus, jim sturgess, john lennon, johnny depp, keira knightly, khalua, kisses, kittens, laughing, linkin park, live music, livejournal, love, lyrics, macintosh apples, mashed potatoes, milk duds, milkshakes, mitch hedberg, movies, music, my bicycle, my chemical romance, my ipod, natalie portman, nerds ropes, nestle crunch, new york city, olive garden, ouija, peace, people watching, pez, piano, picturing, pittsburgh, pizza, porch swings, post secret, post-its, psychology, quotes, radio, rainbows, reading, rent, rock, rock band, rollerblading, salads, salt and pepper shakers, school supplies, sharpies, singing, sisterhood of traveling pants, sleep, smirnoff, smoothies, sparkles, sprinkles, stars, studded belts, summer, sweet tea, taco bell, texting, the beach, the beatles, the black parade, the gap, the hills, the sky, the south, thinking, thunderstorms, tiffanie debartolo, trees, vanilla mint chapstick, vinyl, walking, washington d.c., weezer, willy wonka, writing, wsru, yankee candles, yellow roses, zach braff, zip-up hoodies, zumba

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